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    r○ equipment banHuawei○ files lawsuit agai●nst U.S. government◆ over equip◆ment banHuawei fil◆es lawsuit 〓against U.S. gov〓ernment over equipm●ent ban03-0■7-201

9 15:26 BJTChin〓ese tech giant H●uawei on Th〓ursday said ●it is

○blic relations pr○oblem," Genn〓a s

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suin○g the Unit■ed States ove◆r a law introduced ○last year that bans ■government agenci◆es from buyin●g its equipm〓ent.Huawei in a sta〓tement said○ it has filed a○ complaint in a○ U.S. distr●ict court in Texas,■ c

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aid on Thursday.■ "Ar

hallenging t●he U.S. Nat〓ional Defense A○uthorizatio●n Act (NDA●A), which ○mentioned Huawei and● ZTE by name.The f〓irm argues the ●restrictions 〓targeting 〓it are "unc●onstitutional".The U●.S. Congress has rep●eate

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e there● vulnerability ri●sks with Huawei?

dly failed to● produce any ev◆idence to s○upport its res●trictions on H◆uawei products, Guo 〓Ping, Huaw●ei Rotating■ Chairman said at a ◆press conference in■ southern C〓hinese city Shenzh■en, where Huawei's● headqua

ut that is t

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    April 20, 2013

    ●said it was impor●tant

    rters are ■based. “W●e are compel■led to take this le〓gal action as a● proper and las○t resort."Th●e lawsuit wa■s filed in a U.S. D○istrict Co○urt

    for Italy to b●e
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    April 20, 2013

    open to Huawei."It■aly ha

    in Plano, Tex○as."Section 8〓89 of the 2019 N○DAA not on〓ly bars all U.S.〓 Government agenci◆es from buyin●g Huawei equ●ipment and ◆services, but also〓

    s a uni●que posit
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    April 20, 2013

    ion amo●ng major we◆ster

    bars them■ from contracting wi〓th or award○ing grants○ or loans to thi●rd parties ◆who buy Huawei equ〓ipment or se●rvices, wi◆thout any executive● or ju

    n countr●ies when
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    April 20, 2013

    i○t comes to ○China," G

    dicial proces●s," Huawei said in ◆the statemen●t."Section 889● is based on numer○ous false, unprove●n, and untes◆ted propositions. Co■ntrary to the statut

    enna s●aid, refer
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